div align=»justify»Ya me decía (mi amiga y compañera israelí) a href=»http://www.elpais.com/articulo/espana/Sharon/Saleh/Moncloa/elpepiesp/20060725elpepinac_9/Tes»Sharon/a al día siguiente de las elecciones en Israel que su partido, el a href=»http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labor_Party_(Israel)»Partido Laborista/a, compañeros fraternales de la Internacional Socialista, estaban perdidos…/divdiv align=»justify» /divdiv align=»justify»Perdido porque quedó enterrado en un gobierno de coalición con a href=»http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kadima»KADIMA/a que lo vampirizó. Perdido porque la guerra (cruel, despiadada, desproporcionada) en Gaza los sepultó y evidenció las incoherencias de sus posicionamientos y principios, ayudando a sacar lustre al posibilismo útil de a href=»http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tzipi_Livni»Livni /ay KADIMA frente a a href=»http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benjam%C3%ADn_Netanyahu»Netanyahu/a. Perdido porque no sabe hacer la digestión de unas elecciones con los peores resultados de la historia del laborismo (fundador del estado de Israel y fuerza mayoritaria durante muchos años) y en ese proceso de no saber leer lo que la sociedad te dice, van y deciden a href=»http://www.publico.es/internacional/211941″¡¡¡PACTAR CON NETANYAHU Y TOOOOOOODA LA EXTREMA DERECHA ISRAELÍ para entrar en el próximo gobierno!!! /a/divdiv align=»justify» /divdiv align=»justify»No doy crédito a tanto desatino. De los 13 diputados/as laboristas, 7 están en contra de semejante decisión. Pero Barak se resiste… La decisión queda en manos de la ejecutiva del partido pero todo apunta a que asistiremos a un verdadero esperpento político./divdiv align=»justify» /divdiv align=»justify»Mientras tanto, ayer leíamos que se planea construir miles de viviendas nuevas en un asentamiento ilegal en Palestina, vetado incluso por EEUU. ¡Suma y sigue!/div

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  1. No me sorprende¡ de verdad Laura, los supuestos compañeros laboristas de Israel, salvo contadas excepciones ven y entienden el conflicto como nosotros. Han sido los ministros de defensa laboristas los más contundentes en los ataques en muchas ocasiones. Ojalá y esos siete que no quieren entrar en el Gobierno al menos uno quiera seguir con el proceso de paz y con el diálogo.

  2. Labor Party seems to have lost its way last week, and will need a compass with unique powers to put it back on the Social Democratic highway. BR/Today we will witness the inauguration of a government in which Netanyahu serves as Prime Minister and Avigdor Lieberman as Minister of Foreign Affairs (and Yuval Steinitz as Minister of Finance – don’t ask). No, it won’t be a nightmare, but a reality the Labor Party has decided to be a part of. BR/Immediately after the elections, there were talks about the need to establish a National Unity Government (Likud-Labor-Kadima combining arms), many of us twisted our noses, mainly because we didn’t like the idea of Netanyahu leading it, but we knew these challenging times require putting the state’s merit on top. The challenges Israel is facing are immense. From Iran threatening its very existence, Hamas thinking quite the same while holding Gilad Shalit captive for 3 years, refusing to allow the Red Cross to visit him, no foreseeable solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict, economy in its deepest crisis in 70 years, factories closing down, thousands of people losing their jobs and the list goes on.BR/Unity Government could have tried to create a national task force, but instead, we get to have an ultra right wing government which Labor Party joins as a fig leaf on its genitals. Many of the party’s convention’s members (including yours truly) hoped till the last minute the common sense will take over the political urge of the “government addicts”. I have attended enough party conferences to be able to sniff within 2 minutes of entering the venue that common sense will not win that night. Ehud Barak and the government craving ministers demonstrated flexibility of a circus clown to justify this act and win majority of the votes. Remarkable flexibility was demonstrated by Avishay Braverman and Daniel Ben-Simone who crossed the way from the rebels’ camp of 7 into the government in record time. BR/The ideological gap is irreconcilable. Likud constitution explicitly says «no Palestinian State will be established west of the Jordan River.» How does that work with Labor’s portfolio and pretentious leadership of the peace camp? Of course it doesn’t. In the political circus that will start today, there will be 30 ministers and 8 deputy ministers out of 74 members of the coalition and the heck with how much it’ll cost the tax payers and the economic crisis. By the way, there will not be a Minister of Health. You ask why? Because Netanyahu added a non-zionist ultra-orthodox party to the coalition, and they can’t publicly admit to serve on a Zionist government, so the solution was to grant them a deputy minister of health. Deputy Ministers do not participate in the government meetings and do not have the vast jurisdiction ministers do. Everything was kosher on the way to establish this government. If it was food, I am not sure the chief rabbinate would have granted it that automatic of a kosher stamp… And last but not least, I didn’t even start counting the millions promised to the ultra-orthodox parties and other issues that were agreed on with a shake of hand and a wink and not signed on (so Obama and the EU won’t be mad).BR/ BR/Although it’s hard, a part of me hopes this government will be successful, that somehow pragmatism will prevail, as its success is our success. But I don’t really count on that. The odds are against it. As to Labor, we’re not giving up just yet; I belong to a group of people, who’ll start the long grueling quest of finding that compass.BR/In the meantime, don’t forget to get your daily dose of haaretz.com – it’ll sure be interesting.

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